“The good lord gave you a body that can stand most anything. It’s your mind you have to convince”.


-Vince Lombardi





Our knowledgeable coaching staff works with you to define your goals and evaluate your current fitness level. We then design a custom program that challenges your weaknesses and celebrates your strengths, so that your workouts are both enjoyable and effective while getting you the results you’ve been waiting for. During the program, we continue to monitor and evaluate your progress at regular intervals and make adaptive changes as needed to keep you reaching new milestones. Through our personal training program, you are guaranteed to reach your full potential.


Group classes are an excellent source of support and motivation, but the generic programming found in most group class settings simply can’t accommodate your individual needs. Our group training programs gather like-minded individuals with similar fitness goals in a unique training environment that fosters new friendships and builds camaraderie. Our group classes are limited to six students each, so you won’t have to fight for the attention you deserve. You will receive close guidance from our expert coaches and join other individuals, committed to bettering themselves, in a supportive atmosphere that is dedicated to helping you achieve long-term success.


Our general strength and conditioning program places an emphasis on fundamental movement efficiency by developing a complete foundation in strength, flexibility, power and endurance. Each hour-long session begins with strength training components and technical movement/skill progressions and ends with a moderate to high intensity conditioning workout. This format exposes both movement and athletic deficiencies, so that you continue to progress in all areas of your fitness.


Our golf performance program combines over 20 years of coaching experience with the methodologies of the Titleist Performance Institute to deliver a proven training program that is guaranteed to enhance your game. Regardless of age or ability, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to increase your performance on the course.



Competency and skill in Olympic weightlifting movement is one of the best ways to increase strength, power and quickness. These lifts are highly technical and are difficult to instruct. Our coaches excel in teaching the Olympic lifts and have proven their abilities by qualifying novice lifters for National Championship and Pan-American Games competition. We offer Olympic weightlifting programs for every level of athlete. Whether you simply want to familiarize yourself with the lifts, improve your athletic performance or compete nationally and internationally; we have the knowledge and training tools to deliver superior results.



The Functional Movement Screen is a valuable measurement tool that helps us better understand the ability with which an athlete can perform fundamental movements and demonstrate motor control across various movement patterns. If sub-optimal movement patterns are detected, we can work to correct them in order to avoid poor biomechanics and reduce an athlete’s susceptibility to future injury.

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